About the artist

Menna Morey Studied Sculpture at Portsmouth College of Art before meeting her future husband. They then went on together to design and make jewellery in their long established and successful business.

After many years of creating jewellery (and their now grown up children) she recently returned to her first passion of sculpting, and started crafting and designing one-of-a kind fantasy figures (at the bottom of the garden!).

Menna hand-makes each figure from polymer clay, enabling a level of detail which is difficult to achieve in other mediums. Once Menna has sculpted each unique figure she then goes on to use a variety of fabrics, furs and props to create individual costumes, settings and accessories. She also uses her expertise as a jeweller to enhance some of her creations.

Menna can offer her clients the unique opportunity to commission a figure to bring to life their very own “Fey” fantasies. If you would like to contact the Feysmith with any enquiries please email menna@thefeysmith.co.uk